“Kemana tumpahnya kuah kalau tak ke nasi.” (2020)
Creative Space Gallery, Brunei

A sense of displacement is communicated through a plot of a padi (rice) field made out of netting. The subtle organic colour of the net, translucency and the lightness of material (as a sculpture) communicates the idea of convenient logistics and a sense that it is on a continuous voyage. 

The use of fabric for the sculpture is a very straightforward decision. In terms of weight, it is light and convenient to transport. Physically, it is a very delicate medium to work with, yet, also due to its nature, it is one of the most durable materials to transport. It lacks fragility yet it is fragile to work with.

The translucency and colour of the net gives the sculpture an ethereal ambience. It appears as if it is there but also not. It stands before the viewer as both a physical object and an impermanent object. 

Kemana Tumpahnya Kuah Kalau Tak Ke Nasi speaks of the migration of forms in and out of Brunei. Migrations that have happened and migrations that should have happened.