Tanah 2019
Commissioned by Brunei Shell Petroleum
Billionth Barrel Monument, Seria, Brunei

Orchestrated the reveal of Sufi Lee’s art by covering Lee’s mural with a layer of beach sand and seawater

Work statement:

Officiating the opening of an event by revealing art with art.

The reveal is made entirely out of beach sand extracted from the Billionth Barrel Monument waterfront. The facade on Sufi’s work is quite simply a mix of sand & water.

There is no better way to celebrate this iconic structure by working with the sand it sits upon. Not only is it a sustainable material to work with, as the sand will be returned back to the land once the reveal is washed away, but the aesthetics as well as the act of washing it off Sufi’s mural symbolises the excavation and discovery of crude oil in our nation.

Working with the surrounding beach sand to celebrate 90 years of BSP brings us to a realisation that it is the land beneath our feet we give thanks to for the prosperity of our nation.