2020 Contoh, Brunei
Creative Space Gallery

2019 Guest speaker at Make art out of your friends
Hosted by Erik Zepka at Chronos Art Center, Shanghai

2019 Triptych
Represented Creative Space Gallery at Hari Belia (ICC) and Creative Economy Week

2018 Installation of Field Series, Vargas Museum, Manila
Ties of History Exhibition

2018 Perspectives an Art x Magic performance and collaboration with Nadzri Harif
supported by HOCO Agency, The Creative Core and AH Management

February 2018 BioCamp: Gardens as ‘Biotechnik’ Tokyo, Japan

2017 Kendall Come Thru These Cops Are Wildin’
Project by The Creative Core and Creative Space, Brunei

2016- 2017 Collection of Personal Items

2009-2010 Untitled 28:17 

2008 Tate & Lyle